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Zest-it Protective Brush Oil for maintaining the integrity of the brush hairs.

After washing Signwriting and Pinstriping brushes with solvent, some of which can dry out the hairs, put the oils back in the brush with the Protective Brush Oil.
These plant based oils have been used for centuries to condition and maintain the hairs of brushes.

These brushes are the 'tools of your trade' and have a skill and monetary value, so it pays dividend to look after them. (Brush Cleaning)

When you first purchase a brush it is often 'dressed' with a size or weak glue to keep the hair protected and shaped. This needs removing before use, some wash with water, others in the cleaning fluid they will use in the future. The choice is yours, if you wash with water then its important to dry the brush naturally after.

Its important to have a thoroughly dry brush before the next stage. Soak the brush in the Protective Brush Oil, this will allow the oil to soak through the hairs and into the ferrule. By having oil in the ferrule the hairs are better protected from the ingress of paint. Dried paint in this area will ruin the brush!

"Writers, Liners, Coachliners and Ticket Writers are most often available in quill ferrule. Because the quill is see-through the oil can be seen between the hairs and the handle where they are bound together using a quill or equivalent.  Sizes follow bird feather sizes -Swan; Crow; Condor; Duck and Goose, etc". 
Signwriter - Richard Gregory

Historically various oils have been used to protect the brush hair and not always in the best interest of the brush. Engine oil, gearbox oil and transmission fluid have additives that can harm the brush. Cooking oils can attract 4 and 6 legged creatures who will enjoy eating the offerings! Neatsfoots oil has been much used but coming as it does from the hooves of animals - not everyone's choice.

Our Protective Brush Oil is organically grown on a farm in the UK, we add a tiny drop of preservative for the oil and the brushes sake. It does not go sticky or rancid and it washes out of the brush easily with the Signwriters and Pinstripers Cleaner.

Before painting wash the brush with S&P Cleaner and dry well,  using tea-shirt cloth, rags or kitchen towel are best for drying because they are lint free.

It's always best practice to clean the brush in the same fluid as is used to thin paint, that's why the S&P Cleaners is so good, it does both with ease and is non-toxic and non-flammable to boot!

Some may feel this practice is un-necessary as many brushes have synthetic hair, synthetic will still dry over time and not wanting paint in the ferrule is still a truth!

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